My tasting notes, guesses & the results.

1. color has definite magenta, especially in the rim. extracted, stains the class. low-med viscosity. on the nose, earth first, actually.  then sweet, wet fruit. a little dead animal. raspberry popsicle. medium+ acidity. very fresh & bright, yummy fruit. blackberry. plum. medium tannin. My guess: Cote de Brouilly Answer: Chateau Thivin Cote de Brouilly

2. very similar color to number one. a touch more transparent. low-medium viscosity. nose: bright, piercing. so similar to number one. stony. strawberry preserve. beets, pencil lead.  palate: medium tannin, 13%abv. grape tannin is prominate. plum. even feels like plum skin. kind of hot. My guess: Cote de Brouilly or Julienas. (is this the same wine??) Answer: Chateau Thivin Cote de Brouilly. I was too chicken to guess aloud that it was the same.

3. similar appearance. not as vibrant on the rim. medium+ viscosity. more fruit, warmer nose. tootsie pop. something savory too. tannin is much gentler, acid is lower. My guess: Regnie Answer: Domaine des Braves Regnie

4. bright purple red core to vibrant, magenta rime. medium viscosity. nose: intense. a touch of ea. so rich and powerful. arugula. smells a touch hot. jolly rancher. popsicle. round, luscious, beautiful. some oak. medium acid, medium tannin. penetrating, dark fruit but lasting, sweet acidity. My guess: Foillard Morgon Answer: Jean Foillard Morgon “Cote du Py”

5. visual: same. nose: totally different. stones. wet cement. beach. beets. cheddar cheese. palate: medium+ tannin. very drying. medium acid. oak. grape skin. skinny mouthfeel. flavors dissipate. My guess: Chenas Answer: didn’t write the answer in my notes…

6. visual: same, a little lighter. medium viscosity. nose: mostly fruit. cough drop. raspberries. plums. thyme. palate: a little chewy. mostly fruit. oak. plum. medium acid, a little astringent. My guess: St. Amour Answer: clearly I was fatigued & probably just way wrong therefore unmotivated to write the answer to this one either.

Afterthoughts: The reason I wanted to do all Beaujolais is because I have numerously times, called a quality Beaujolais a red Burgundy in blind tastings. I denied the fruit factor. This was good practice.