1. clear, transparent. pale straw with hint of pink. looks like Pinot Grigio. Almost salmon, especially compared to the others. Nose: bright, ripe fruit. strawberry. orange peel. almonds. not a lot going on. more herbaceous as it opens. palate: rich & ripe at frist, punchy acidity that lessens and becomes prickly. no oak. apple flavors, pear, nice linger. balanced, but don’t love it. pleasant, fruity flavors. My guess: Friuli Answer: Friuli Pinot Grigio. woops. (didn’t write down the producer).

2. very yellow. kind of cloudy. nose: stone, smoke, celery, pepper, asparagus, blue cheese, fresh lemon. lots going on. thyme. palate: more acidic than #1. very bright. feels like apple skin but tartness is balanced by great rich fruit. stony, but strong. continuously refreshing and cool. acidity is smooth and gradually increases before dissipating. My guess: I already knew that this was my choice: ’05 Reverdy Sancerre

There are my actual notes for 3 and 4. mmm looks like they’re not easy to read, plus I already typed them up, so you get both. Maybe next week I’ll just snap photos with my actual camera instead of iphone so you can see my real life notes, swear words and all.

3. almost clear, super light yellow. medium viscosity. most intense nose so far. pink grapefruit. very pungent. asparagus. blue cheese. palate: all -over acidity. bright, clean. super citrus. acidity rises up quickly, very green apple taste. doesn’t linger long. acid sits on my gums. my guess: tough, but that’s the point, yes? this is so pungent and forward that it makes me think new world. but there’s also funk and green. i’ll venture to guess Collio. Answer: 2009 Sancerre

4. same visual as number 3 but lower viscosity. nose: ah! i smell 3 and 4 side by side and they smell the same, i swear, super pungent. ok, 4 might be more ripe fruit, less funk. still some blue cheese. it’s a little hot… capsicum for sure. the acid is gently all-over and rising. then vanishes. taste again: some bitterness for sure. some flint. the acid is lower in this than in #3. they are overall very similar. my guess: damn i don’t know. i’m not a big fan, i’ll say that but maybe all this acid is going to my mean. green apple skin… i’ll guess collio. or sancerre. well… at least i know it’s not pinot grigio. Answer: 2009 Pouilly Fume Regis Minet

5. Since we all brought French, we opened up a Felluga Russiz Superiore 2009 Sauvignon Blanc from Collio: still, a very similar nose. gooseberry. some herbaceousness, stone, mashed banana, but pleasantly so. Delicious.